General Information and Answers to FAQs


I get MANY emails from students who want to add a class which is full.  Rather than answer them individually, enrollment questions are addressed here.

Enrollment is a very strict procedure based on priority numbers, a process I have NO control over. I realize that many of you desperately need to get into my class but these needs do not increase your chance of getting in so it really doesn't help to tell me all the details.   I can only add up to the class limit. I first add from the official wait list, in the order listed. Sometimes everyone from the wait list gets in, sometimes nobody does. If all the students on the official wait list get in and if there are any more spots, which happens occassionally, I will take names the first day and add students RANDOMLY.

All I can suggest is you go to EVERY class that would fit your schecule on the FIRST day of classes. You should also keep checking back on the computer before class starts.  Sometimes people juggle their schedules at the last minute and something opens up.


Even though the schedule says "instuctor permission required", I am not where you get permission. Information about registering for Math Path can be found at You apply online and then attend an orientation.  If you have any questions they should be addressed there.

If you are interested in just the SECOND HALF of the Math Path Course you will have to wait until closer to mid-semester and see if a spots open up.  Just ccontact the math path office around the 6th week of classes.

BOOK AND EARLY PREP QUESTIONS - see individual course pages for more info.



I get asked to write a LOT of letters. I am happy to do so but need your help. First of all, I only write letters for students I have had for a whole semester, preferably longer. Letters are more convincing when the teacher knows you better and longer. If you never say anything in class, missed a lot of class, where often late or don't come to talk with me in my office, all the information I can give is basically your grade which they already know. If you want me to write a letter here is what I would ask of you:

  • Remind me what class(es) of mine you were in and when.
  • Write up a brief summary of what math classes you have had at PCC, where you are planning to go, what you are planning on majoring in, what your career plans are,....etc. It doesn't have to be anything formal, just anything you can tell me to help me personalize the letter.
  • Give me any info. that would help me tailor the letter to what you are applying for. (Is is a scholarship where they want to know about your financial needs, an internship where they want to know about leadership qualities, cal tech where they want to know about your brilliance...etc)
  • Find out the details of what is needed, where, when. Some places send me a link where I just email the info. Some have special forms that need to be filled out and sent, others need a general letter on PCC letterhead. Some require me to send it to them, some let me send it to you. If I need to send it somewhere, please provide an addressed, stamped envelope.